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Automobile Lifts

The single post lift is available in 4,500 LB and 6,500 LB lifting capacity. There is an optional solid center deck also available.

  • Space Saving – Requires less space than 2 or 4 post parking storage lifts.
  • Easy Access – Forget multiple posts that can scratch your car or crash your mirrors on entry or exit.
  • Multiple Locking Positions – Allow you to choose the lifting height you want.
  • Safety lock automatically engages for maximum safety when lift is raised.
  • Convenient Single-Point Lock Release for easy operation
  • Adjustable Track Width to fit virtually any size vehicle.
  • Easily installs on standard concrete flooring using anchor bolts. (Requires minimum of4 inches of  3,000 psi reinforced concrete.)
Power Unit 220V, 1ph, 30 amp

(110v Unit Optional)

220V, 1ph, 30 amp
Overall Length

(with ramps)

15′ 11″ 15′ 11″
Overall Width 8′ 10″ 8′ 10″
Overall Height 9′ 5″ 11′ 11″
Max. Clearance

(Lower Level)

70½” 82½”
Track Length 12′ 8″ 12′ 8″
Track Width 19″ 19″
Runway Width 16″ 16″
Width Between Tracks 0″ – 47″ 0″ – 47″
Max Capacity 4,500 lbs. 6,500 lbs.
Lifting Speed (Approx.) 60 seconds 60 seconds

The 4 post lift is an excellent way to economically double your garage space.

  • Different models accommodate from 7,000 – 9,000 pounds and Doubles your Garage Space.
  • Ultimate Home Lift for Auto Enthusiasts.
  • Now you can do service work like oil changes, tire and brake repair, exhaust repair, suspension work, and more right in your garage. Think of the money you’ll save!
  • Two Versions Available (Commercial and Home Use)
  • Automatic Safety shut off and 10 Locking positions.
  • Mobile with optional casters.
  • Solid Steel or Aluminum Deck Available to allow you to put other things up there like snowmobiles, or motorcycles, or lawnmowers.
Power Unit 110 V., 1 HP Designed for home use.
Ramps 36″ long and 19″ wide, and with low profile can accommodate most sports cars. Made from 3/16″ Steel for extra strength.
Hydraulic Cylinder 3″ Piston for extra lifting power. Located under a ramp and already mounted at the factory.
Lifting Height 70″ (67″ on top lock) with 10 Locking Positions for safety and convenience.
Cables Aircraft quality cables for Safety. Tested to 14,500 LBS.
Color Powder Coated Black. Looks sharp in your house or building.
Optional Caster Kit Caster Kit for mobility. Move your lift when and where you want.
Optional Removable Aluminum Ramps Lighter than the steel ones that come standard with the lift. Easily removable.
Optional Solid Deck You can put anything on it that you want to store. Motorcycles, lawn mowers, etc.
Optional Key Switch Protect from unwanted people messing with your lift. Safer if you have kids too.
Optional Drip Trays Protect lower car from drips. Usually get 3.
Wheelbase 160 Inches
Width between Columns 99 Inches
Overall length 200 Inches – XLT version is an additional 10″ longer
Runway spread 38 Inches
Overall height 84 Inches (Clearance needed: Add height of both cars and add 6″ to get minimum clearance.)

XLT version 94 inches (Clearance needed: Add height of both cars and add 6″ to get minimum clearance.)

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