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Garage Evolution provides everything you need to make your garage a clean, organized and polished space that is easy to work in. With comprehensive organization designs, racks and garage lifts, you can get the most out of every inch of your storage or work space.


Garage Evolution creates, builds and installs the latest storage and efficiency solutions for customers in the Sarasota County and Manatee County area and all along the central Gulf Coast of Florida, tailored to fit your needs and your space. From slatwall storage shelves anywhere on your walls to durable cabinetry, lifts and even epoxy floors, Garage Evolution refurbishes and redesigns your space. You will have everything you need close at hand with storage solutions that are custom-made to work for your garage, attic, closet or any other space around your home or work. Garage Evolution helps you eliminate clutter and wasted space with clean, streamlined storage and organizational solutions.


Take a look at the gallery of refurbished garages and storage areas below to see what Garage Evolution can do for you. For more information or to discuss planning a custom design for your garage, attic or anywhere else in your home or business, contact Garage Evolution today.


This Month's Special

2 Safe Racks Overhead Ceiling Storage Racks

Overhead garage storage racks are the perfect solution for small and large items alike. Keep your things organized in the comfort of your home, rather than dealing with the inconvenience of traveling back and forth to storage sites. 

How do I get one of these in my garage?

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