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Motorcycle/ATV/Snow Mobile

Our Garage Storage Lift offers many different uses.  It is great for lifting and storing motorcycles, trikes, riding lawnmowers, personal watercraft, snowmobiles, golf carts, ATV’s, side by sides, kid’s toys, firewood or even used as a work bench that you can raise and lower.  Our lift consumes zero floor space which allows you to create the one thing your short on which is “floor space” to allow you keep both bike and vehicle safely in the garage and is a fraction of the cost to building out more garage space.

  • No extra reinforcing is necessary! The force is distributed 80 percent to the floor and 20 percent outward from the wall. That gives a maximum of 250-300 pounds outward pull on the wall.
  • Normal platform size is 4′ x 8′ but can be altered to be a little smaller or even a little larger.  Will require the “Specially Ordered” upgraded capacity model if lifting more then the rated 1200lbs.
  • Can be stopped and locked at any height.
  • Lifting capacity of 1200 lbs. but can be upgraded if needed “Specially Ordered”.
  • Extremely safe and secure with a built in emergency stop system.
  • Securely park your vehicle underneath or another recreational power-sport.
  • Electric motor is located on the back side of the lifting forks out of the way.
  • The pulleys, the electric motor and the automatic stop system will prevent the platform from sinking.
  • Lifting system is a industrial 110v electrical cable hoist powered by a standard 115v outlet.
  • Constructed from industrial grade steel.
  • Mainframe height is designed to fit under an 8′ ceiling height which provides a 63″ max clearance to the bottom of the lifting forks.  If you desire even more lifting height this can be “Specially Ordered”.
  • 4200lb. industrial grade lifting cable.
  • Lockable control switch.
  • Our removable deck allows the unit to be easily loaded somewhere else in the garage and then moved back to the lift rolling on the heavy duty casters to be lifted and stored.
  • Black color framework.
  • One-year Limited Warranty.
  • Designed to last.
  • The best cost effective storage option.
  • So easy to use, you can use it everyday.
  • Store your prized possessions up and out of harms way.

How do I get one of these in my garage?

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